The Show



Produced in 2016, Formidable! The Show is a tribute to Charles Aznavour. The show takes us back to the streets of Paris in the era of ‘Bohemia’ to give us an insight into the incredible career of Charles Aznavour through his greatest songs which are known throughout the world and form an integral part of the world’s musical heritage.
With projected images and videos at the back of the stage and an original production and decoration, this show is the greatest ever tribute to Charles Aznavour’s career.


Meeting with Charles Aznavour


    ”After having produced more than 400 shows in 50 countries with the musical Piaf! The Show, there was always a nagging question that surfaced again and again when we were speaking to audiences. “Why don't you create a musical based on the life of Charles Aznavour?” So, bearing in mind the fact the Charles Aznavour is as famous around the world as, for example, Edith Piaf, the idea started to form in my mind around the concept of a show in his honour.However, this would be impossible without his blessing. For this reason, Jules Grison and myself left for New York on the 15th of October 2016, heading for Charles Aznavour’s Madison Square Gardens show, to meet him during his final tour and discuss the possibility of realising this project. Graciously acknowledging our reputation internationally, and fired by his passion to reach younger generations of music fans, he gave us his permission to go ahead with the project. From that day on, we have worked tirelessly to produce a show worthy of the man himself and the icon he represents to this day”.


 – Gil Marsalla